I am well and really busy

1/9/14: I am well and really busy. I have not posted for a while and have had inquires if I was okay. I am fine. I thank those who have enquired. The last several weeks I have been reviewing results of animal studies concerning molecules I have been working with that changes the chemistry in the arthritic joint in a positive manner. I also found that this family of molecules have powerful anti microbial effect in vitro. My in vivo pre clinical animal studies showed a 10,000 fold kill of pseudomonas bacteria and wound healing in 48 hours. This will have direct application to burn treatment. These are a few of the projects. I have been busy making manuscripts for patent applications; like writing term papers. Very stimulating and will give details after patent submissions. Forgot to say I am in CA with wind chill of 70 degrees. The next several weeks out to PGA tour with putting instruction and seeking more interest in my patented grips.