News Outlet Interviews

11/6/2015: I have done two phone interviews concerning Ben Carson. I was called by Detroit News Washington Bureau and Reuters. The reason is that they had information I was a donor to Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign. The News wanted to know who I was politically and why I donated. Reuters wanted to know if I knew about Ben Carson’s assertion in his autobiography about a full scholarship to West Point.

I made it clear I was not a political operative for either party. I donated because Dr. Carson articualted my world view, that of a JudeoChristian Biblical world view. It was worth my investment to support these views in the public arena of ideas

Concerning his assertion of having been offered a “full scholarship” to West Point it seems reasonable that that term would be considered the same as all expenses paid. In the worst light he was lying about this matter in his book. In the best light he was mistaken or forgot the exact details of the encounter with the General. In the worst light this could be considered a lie. However one lie does not make one a liar. The later term is reserved for those who repeatedly lie. I have not other cooberating evidence of multiple lies produced by Dr. Carson. The evidence is yet to surface concerning his repeated statements of falsehhoods.

For comic releif, if it were to be established he was a liar, then that moves him historically into the political arena with high qualifications; i.e. the presdiency of the USA.