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Consider the Source

5/23/2020: Considering the Source is more important today than ever before. There seems to be more agenda driven information, hidden agenda stuff, conspiracy theories, deception, deceit and out right lying than ever before. One does not have to look very far for confirmation. This has forced me to return to the common denominator; consider the source. I want to learn about the source and “where are they coming from?” Knowing the source allows me to put in perspective the information. Most false information has some plausible factual basis weaved into the story line. This serves as the “hook” to get us to buy into the argument. Discernment is necessary to avoid advancing to the “line and sinker” stage, the response the author is seeking. We are searching for the “truth of the matter”. Interestingly, the ancient literature indicates that truth is a person. (John 14:6) Truth is not the end result of reason or scientific research. It is a person; really? Test the hypothesis and settle this for your self.

Spiritual Warfare at New Heights

5/5/2020: The evidence of spiritual warfare is a new heights. The evidence is recognition of the standard daily operating procedure of lies, deceit, deception, and less than half truths. The Bible stated that where ever jealousy and envy exist so does every other sin. (James 3:16) This should give us some insight to the characters and character of those in the present day public debate; certain news media and politicians. As a result, I personally want to make a connection with truth. Truth is not just a concept but a person; Jesus. (John 14:6) The concept that Jesus is synonymous with truth may be hard to grasp. The difficulty is overcome as one experiences by relationship and practice they are one and the same.

Who would have thought possible?

4/30/2020:A book written by a futurist more than 2000 years ago predicted that there would be a time when a day’s wages would be required to buy a loaf of bread. Reference upon request. Who would have thought this was possible, until today when the prediction was exceeded. Venezuela sets new price controls, with eggs costing more than a month’s wages.

Pence Misses the Mark

4/29/2020: VP Pence by not wearing a mask at Mayo Clinic visit today was not an error in health care, it was an error in his Christian doctrine. He refused to submit to authority of the Mayo Clinic at which he should have submitted as guest at their house. If they were visiting him then he has the liberty to do as he pleases, but not there. Jesus equates submission to authority with the maximal level of faith in the story of the Roman centurion. (Matthew 8:5-13) Even this gentile Roman by equating authority with faith was declared to have more faith than the existing religious community of the day.

Data Driven?

4/23/2020: “Everything is data driven.” However we have no data on the future. What we have from health care modeling has not been very accurate. So much for data! 🙂

Time well spent

4/23/2020: This video goes slow and deliberate. It takes time and patience to sit through the hour or more it lasts. However, I have not heard so much contemporary relevant truth in one place. It was spoken prophetically in 1992 and again to me today. I know Derek Prince’s teaching. I had and still have every audio tape (yes tape) he made back in the day (sixties). His teaching changed me then and now. Please take the time.

Protection Old and Present

4/12/2020: The Judeo-Christian Biblical world view requires the blood of the lamb for a protective covering. The first time was for the Jews in Egypt. The second time was for the first Christians, the Messianic Jews in Israel. Then evermore for those that recognize Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Messiah. The literature in Number 9:1-14 describes the first Passover. In verse 5 the instructions are that “the lamb be unblemished”. In verse 7 the instructions are given on where and how to make the blood covering: “They are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the doorframes of the houses where they eat the lambs.” In verse 13 the protection thereof is declared; “The blood on the houses where you are staying will distinguish them; when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No plague will fall on you to destroy you….” After nine fair warnings from the Lord God of Israel to Pharaoh of the consequences of not granting liberty and freedom for His people the Jews, this is what happened. “Now at midnight the LORD struck down every firstborn male in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on his throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner in the dungeon, as well as all the firstborn among the livestock. During the night Pharaoh got up—he and all his officials and all the Egyptians—and there was loud wailing in Egypt; for there was no house without someone dead.” Those with the blood covering were spared. This deliverance is memorialized annually at the Feast of Passover. The second sheading of blood was at Calvary, which was consistent with the Jewish law and faith. According a letter written to the Hebrews (9:22) of that day it is recorded, “And according to the Law, one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” This sheading of blood was also from an unblemished lamb, the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ. The initial intent was for the forgiveness of sin as a person agrees with the written document concerning the validity. However, the validity is not an intellectual agreement alone, it is one of agreement of the person’s will, their very soul. At this moment the human spirit is born again by the Holy Spirit. The new indwelling Holy Spirit then communicates with the person’s being in a manner not previously experienced, thereby giving spiritual confirmation to the person and also then to their intellect. This blood covering brings liberty and frees the believer from the bondage of sin, past, present and amazingly future. This blood protects the believer from the death angel as they are granted eternal life after their born-again spirit leaves their earth suit (body). Interesting parallel in a day we are looking for protection.