Staying Un-offendable

9/10/2012  I heard this presentation on video and have attached the link to the audio.

It was a good reminder for me.  I have a spiritual genetic trait for the propensity for unforegiveness.  It was prevalent in the most Godly of my ancestors, my paternal grandmother, Carrie Harris Johnson.  It was prevalent in my father’s life, even to his detriment.  It is an ever present temptation in my life.  So, what do we do about it?

Unforgiveness stops by starting not taking into an account suffered.  The bible teaches not to take into an account a wrong suffered.  (1Cor 13:5)  This is the point of attack the devil makes that opens the door for unforgiveness.  We are taught to be forgiving for many reasons, the least of which is that it is harmful to us and causes us not to have our prayers answered.

The reason to stop the process before it gets started is that the ultimate consequence of practicing unforgiveness  is the “root of bitterness”.  This last evil triumph is so deep seated (root) that we are virtually helpless to get free on our own.  It usually requires other’s intercession to break this bondage in our lives.

Knowing this there are three actions to be taken right now.

1. Lord, forgive me of any and every time I have been unforgiving.

2. Keep me vigilant in not taking into an account a wrong suffered.  Teach me to just “let it go”.

3. Alert me to those in bondage with a “root of bitterness” to intercede for their deliverance in Jesus name.