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Blind golfer Testimonial

8/13/2016: I am a Blind golfer and play in many national and international tournaments. As you can imagine, it is difficult to line up the clubface at setup and know that it is square to the target. With the Groove Grips, I have the comfort of knowing that the face is square to my target and just as important, and maybe more importantly, I have an awareness of the face angle throughout the entire swing. The Groove Grips have made my ball striking more consistence and playing golf more enjoyable. Mario Tobia Two time US Blind Golf Champion Three time American Blind Golf National Champion

Furyk’s fabulous golf at US Open

6/20/2016: Jim Furyk finished in tie for 2nd at US Open.   He had the low round of the final day.  The amazing statistic is that Dustin Johnson, the eventual winner, out drove Jim by an average of 55 yards.  On many of holes Johnson used the less powerful driving iron.  Every golfer knows what an advantage distance can be by shorten the 2nd shot into the green.  However, in spite of Jim Furyk’s relative lack of distance off the tee, considered critical in this day and age, he compensated by a complete golf game; solid golf shots and great short game.  This is not to mention Jim is a fearce competitor and loves being “in the fire”.

63-74 brings smart remark from Med School classmate

2/20/2016: What is the longevity of the grips; one day? When Camilo when 63 with grips, I announced it. When he shot 74 next day, my med school class mate questioned the longevity of the grips. I loved the smart remark.

Villegas shoots 63 with grooved grips at Riviera

2/18/2016: Camilo Villegas, first player on PGA tour to use grooved grips on all clubs, shot 63 today at Riviera and leads the tournament. He is using the reminder type 3 grooved grip made custom for him.

Grips help even a Blind Golfer

1/15/2016: The grooved grips have helped a competitive blind golfer. Here is the testimonial. Lanny, I hope you remember me. I am the blind golfer, in San Antonio, that you sent some sample grips. I had the grips installed and they have helped me tremendously. My club face is very stable through the shot. Yesterday I ordered a complete set of grips.

Arthur C. Clarke quotation

11/18/2015: Yesterday at MoPro Internet Publishing studios in Costa Mesa, California I first learned of Arthur C. Clarke. This was posted among other sayings on the wall of their reception area. This caught my attention in that after first showing PGA tour players that the grooved golf grip would shape their swing path, one responsed, “Where is the magic bracelet, Lanny?” To learn more about him I went to Google search. Born 16 December 1917 – Died 19 March 2008

PGA Player Puts Grooved Grips on All Clubs

10/8/2015: Gil Morgan put grooved golf grips on all clubs. He opens with 4 under on front nine and finishes with 70. He participated in the driver study 2 years ago and used the putter grip since that time. This week he pulled the trigger and put them on all clubs.