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SHEMA97 face mask assessment

2/1/21: Looking into the effectiveness of this popular face mask seen on TV with sports figures.

Wrong Approach: This is the text accompanying this good looking mask. Maybe good for dust, but not liquid droplets.

“’s SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask uses nano fabric technology to protect the respiratory system from harmful substances and infectious sources. The micro dust proof fabric helps prevent the inhalation of airborne dust and potential virus-laden particles with a 97.1% fine dust filter rate. Its special purpose fabric filters particles down to one micron for superior protection.

Error: The virus is not dust. It is not a dry substance. It does not travel alone. It travels in water droplet which easily goes through this mask.

Proof it for yourself. Put the mask on and place a mirror in front of the mask. Cough. You will see the moisture on the surface of the mirror.

Then put some tap water on the outside of the mask and inhale with your mouth open. You will sense the water come into your mouth.

Good for dust. Not likely good for virus.

Biden Family Business Info

Must view soon as may come down

Michigan Governor’s Folly Continues

5/21/2020: Michigan governor’s response to the Midland flood is that she will sue the responsible party.

Guess who? The State of Michigan who has oversight and determined the structure was sound.

The following responsible party information from:

“Following the federal government’s 2018 license revocation, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) took oversight of the dam, which involved temporarily lowering the lake by 7 feet.[11] EGLE determined that the dam was structurally sound.[12]”

“[12] Erin Ailworth; John D. Stoll (May 20, 2020). “Failed Michigan Dam Lost License in 2018”. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 21, 2020. After its license was revoked by FERC, regulation of the Edenville dam was taken over by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy in 2018. Spokesman Nick Assendelft said the agency inspected the dam in October 2018 and found it structurally sound.”

Coronavirus Update

3/13/2020:  The most significant fact presented at the news conference was the low incidence of positive tests on those with respiratory conditions in Italy.  If I heard correctly, it was 2-3%.  This means that the coronavirus was an infrequent cause of “flu and cold” like symptoms of people seeking testing.

It also has been reported that early testing on ship staff had false positive testing.  This means that they did not at the time have symptoms nor later developed symptoms.  The test reported they had the virus, but no disease symptoms.

Bottom line:  We are still in the learning phase with a pandemic of this new virus.  I think this is a great dress rehearsal should something more severe occur.

Coronavirus Update

3/12/2020:  The coronavirus outbreak must be taken serious because of the known and especially the unknown.

I have been studying and researching anti microbials for several years resulting in many US patents.

The following was written to an associate in the field.

The coronavirus presents a serious societal and humanitarian health problem.  There is testing, but with known false positives.  The false negatives if they occurred, have not been reported.  There is no present cure or vaccine.
The following is a very good report worthy of one’s attention.
The control of the coronavirus is limited to mitigation and quarantine and societal behavior.
The traditional personal protection is limited to hand washing which is effective, but only removes pathological microbes present at the time and no lasting protection.  Another traditional hand disinfectant is the alcohol based skin disinfectants; i.e Purell, Germ-X.  They are bioactive when wet, but have no lasting protection after drying.  Therefore, they would have to used many times during the day and or night.
It is now known that the coronavirus may remain airborne for long periods of time.  The virus will remain for hours on hard services like door knobs and handles, or chairs and desk tops.  It will attach to walls, floors and ceilings of a room, building or vehicle.  It will attach to machinery or conveyers.
Protective masks will prevent the infected from spreading the virus, but no evidence as yet they protect the unaffected, yet they are popular.  The problem is that any opening in a mask allowing for air to exchange, even the N95 or N99 will allow microbes to pass through.
Therefore there is a need for more effective and extensive preventive measures.
The solution is a disinfectant that coats, yes coats a surface be it body or hard surfaces with crystals.  I have one presently in an EPA application.  However a FDA and EPA approved solution exists.
It is found at It is safe.  It coats the body part or the hard surfaces with a crystal.  The protection on the hands is 24 hours, not 10 seconds.  A property may be fogged with coating that lasts 28 days.  This method and company has been overlooked in US since it is located in New Zealand.  It seems no one in authority realizes such exists.
It does exist.  A preventive crystal coating now exists.  It is irresponsible not to use the latest technology and preventive measures.

This is funny, with center of gravity

1/12/2020: This was a funny response I read today concerning the increased frequency of volcanoes world wide. The writer suggested that those committed to climate change philosophy consider construction of a catalytic converter for volcanoes.

Trump is the Master Marketeer

Trump is the master marketeer. He has the advantage of a brand name that is easily recognized; the primary factor in marketing. The Trump name prompts the subconscious to think of a trump card that produces an unsuspected win. The word Trump makes one think of a trumpet, historically an instrument to blast before an important announcement or after a victory.

His frequent use of twitter is nothing more than advertising his name and product. He has provoked his opposition to promote his name and products (initiatives). His political foes prompt investigations that make hourly news announcing his brand; Trump this and Trump that. His congressional foes continue to do the same thing with endless hearings; Trump this and Trump that. His media foes advertise his brand almost by the minute at no advertising expense to Trump on the television, the Internet and news outlets. He has provoked the opposition editorials to daily promote his brand; Trump products. Believing it will hurt his brand, they mention what he wants to do as President and feature every one of his real estate investments. This is millions of dollars of free advertising.

The opposition free advertising informs the public that 50% of them do not like his product. In doing so they give recognition that 50% of the potential buyers, 65 million in the last election that were very satisfied with his product. This is great advertising. Can you imagine selling something to 65 million buyers each day. Even more amazing is that these “Trump advertisers” go to great expense and annually renewed his contract for free.

When one of his brand’s products (Presidential Plans) come under a formidable opposition he has learned the great power of changing the subject. When his desire to build the wall was interrupted, he floats the idea of buying Greenland. No matter how ridiculous, his ideological opposition immediately is outraged and takes the bait so to speak. They forget the wall and are compelled investigate why government funds should be spent to potentially foster a Trump Golf Village in Greenland, as unlikely as that would be. The opposition immediately is burdened with the impact on climate change. They must study what such a Federal Government purchase would have on the National Parks budget in the continental United States. Trump goes back to focusing on marketing his product, the wall.

Recognizing that name recognition is perhaps the most important factor in making a political choice, Trump’s marketing is nothing short of brilliant.