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You may not be the first to make a discovery

1/7/2018:  You may not be the first to make a discovery.  I loved this short video’s teaching moment.

California Dreamin

10/24/2017:  This is kind of transition weather typical of Northern Michigan at this time of year.  2 days ago it was warm and sunny, clear sky and beautiful fall colors…………then this 40 degrees, 40 mph wind and horizontal rain.

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Silent Killers

10/14/2017:  Silent Killers are an action taken that unknown to you has stopped a relationship, a business deal, or any other of a hundred endeavors. It is silent since you do have any awareness of the problem you created.  You cannot think of anything your did.  Your act certainly was  well intended and well motivated.  However the result certainly was a surprise and unexpected.  You cannot figure this out.  You did not have any awareness that for the listener what you said or did was a big deal.

The silent killer manifestation may be a simple as calling someone and for reasons unknown to you they no longer take your phone call.  It may be as simple a response that a person you regularly did things with is not longer making themselves available to play golf, go shopping, out of lunch or to the theater.

So I regularly inquire of myself and the Lord, “Am I creating any silent killers?”

This is in contrast to all the obvious things we do to offend others or our acts that are our own worst enemy.  In these cases we ask the other person to forgive us.

NFL Player Protests from Business Perspective

9/23/2017: The NFL players fail to understand the following principles of business.  A company must have a good product, service and a public image for success.  In the NFL the player may be very good and play well and has the right to public protest.  What the player is missing is that the NFL team and the league is a business.  That should be apparent to them by the large salaries the players enjoy.  The team’s business income comes  from TV ads based upon viewership.  The viewership is directly related to public image.  Does the potential viewer who is paying for the NFL product may like the product; i.e the players, their performance, but however as important is the public image.  The NFL suffers historically from public image on drugs and domestic violence.  Now many of the the potential customers are not in sympathy with a few players disrespect for the American Flag or National anthem.  Patriotism still exists in the sports paying sector of America. They have voted with their absence on TV viewing.  In addition they have voited with their feet, noted by the vacant seats at the Los Angeles NFL team home games.  It is a matter of missing an important business principle, public image, which I normally put in the category of silent killers.  However in this case it is not so silent.

My Interview Featured on a Podcast

August 16, 2017: My interview is on

A long time friend, Bill Hobson of Michigan Golf Live has launched this program.

Government surveillance?


This is worthy of time to read.

Concussion Protocol for Democrats

1/19/2017: Listening to the Democratic talking points it is clear that they are in need of going through the concussion protocol common in football.  Thereafter they may come to their senses and realize their talking points are not on point.