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Another US patent

3/8/2019: US 10,219,559 patent was issued on March 5, 2019 concerning the sports glove that increases the player’s feel in the fingertips.  This results in affecting where the player moves in space.  They can hit a golf ball more accurately.  The can throw a ball more accurately.  They can catch a ball more securely.

Real Feel Gloves

Go to  Listen to hall of fame golfer Bob Toski’s unpaid endorsement.

This patent is an addition to prior patents that carefully described the glove design (D827,245) and the glove function; US  10,058,135; US 10,077,967, and US 10,197,357.

Out of Golf Business

12/6/2018: I am out of the golf business.  I was assessed a penalty of hundreds of thousands of dollars by the IRS.  The IRS examiner determined that I was just having fun out on PGA tour and not really working, trying to sell my intellectual property.  She had no direct evidence of such.  This Federal ruling is not based upon a law or a regulation.  It is based upon a long time IRS internal common ruling concerning their definition of a hobby.  A hobby is one in which a person claiming a business expense has not been profitable in 3 years.  I was not aware of this type of ruling, nor was I advised of such by my accountant.

My choice is to accept or fight.  I could fight the federal government in their court.  I was not likely to win.  So, I reluctantly paid.

The IRS examiner would not accept the fact that my business was not selling golf equipment, but one of an inventor trying to establish worth for his intellectual property that would be attractive to a buyer.  Although I had penetration on the PGA tour with my equipment and seven wins on tour, I was unable to attract a buyer.  Therefore, the IRS has the authority to determine I was just having fun in golf, not working.  Hence, the financial penalty.

To the contrary, it is evident that I am an inventor.  I have 76 US patents starting in 1978 and issued regularly including one December 4th this year.  For the record, only 41% of patent applications result in an US patent.  Worse yet is that only 1% of US patents issued ever become commercialized and make any money.  I have beaten those odds, as many of my patents have resulted in commercial value, however none in golf as yet.

One of the best business decisions one can make is to cut their losses.  This arbitrary and capacious IRS ruling has helped me make that decision.


Bob Toski on Real Feel Glove

1/26/2018: Bob Toski comments on Real Feel Glove at PGA Show.  Toski, a Hall of Fame golfer says, “This Real Feel Glove will revolutionize golf; teaching, learning and playing.”


Bob Toski, now 91 years with Dr. Lanny the younger at 84 years having fun with Real Feel Glove and the Grooved Grip at the PGA Show.


Lehman with Putter Grip Photograph

10/9/2017: The PGA Champions tour posting showed Tom Lehman with the grooved putter grip.


Where did all the golfers go?

June 3, 2017:

They went bicycling, kayaking, and hiking.  Allow me to explain with these photographs.

This is Bruce Blinkhorn who rebuilds sailboats and builds light weight trailer for bikes and kayaks.  His sailboat is in the distance as he stands by his golf substitutes.

I engaged him in conversation today at the port city of Frankfort, Michigan.  The conversation lead me to these photographs and this BLOG entry.

Society has changed and left golf behind.  Golf is expensive and time consuming.  In golf one has the purchase of the clubs and it does not stop there.  One has to buy balls and green fees to enjoy your new clubs.  You have to schedule a tee time.

By way of contrast the capital outlay for bicycle or kayak could be as much as golf clubs, but you expenses end there.  You can go when you want, where you want and stop when you want.

The enjoyment time is a far less commitment than golf.

Years ago at an orthopedic surgeon’s meetings, the scientific program had to end at 12 noon so all the members could go golfing.  Today one third bicycle, one third hike and maybe one third will play golf.

I am on my way for 9 holes to keep the game alive.