What am I up to?

“Not always this laid back”

“Not always this laid back”

Thank you for asking. I am asked this question so often. This phase may just be a salutation, but I have learned many have a curiosity about my various endeavors. A blog seemed like the best way to answer this question on a regular basis. In addition, this blog provides a means for me to keep track in an organized fashion of what I am up to.

The purpose is to record and relate what I am up to these days. The information will be in one place for recording memoirs and historical events. It will be a place to document the present and consider the future.
I expect to regularly make entries concerning various categories: physician/surgeon; medical research and development; the golf adventures and Life. You may see a recent post or follow the topic that might interest you.

Let me know what you think as this blog will becomes my “Lectronic Legacy” in what ever time remains.


“30 years at the bedside” circa 1980

“30 years at the bedside” circa 1980

In the course of my practice I was one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery. This resulted in hundreds of surgeon visitors, such that Ingham Medical Center in Lansing created the first operating room dedicated to arthroscopic surgery including a glass wall for visitors to comfortably observe surgery.

Arthroscopic Suite Ingham Medical Center

Arthroscopic Suite Ingham Medical Center

First and foremost I am a physician/surgeon. No matter a physician’s special interest, the medical license says physician/surgeon. In the course of my medical practice, medicine became very specialized, me included. I went from medical doctor, to board certified orthopedic surgeon to arthroscopic surgeon. My business card indicated such. I did not go so far as to do only left knees and right elbows. When I saw this unfolding, I changed my business card my roots, a “new” specialty called Physician/Surgeon.



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Official Patent Document

Official Patent Document

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My friend and partner on the PGA Tour; Howard Twitty

My friend and partner on the PGA Tour; Howard Twitty

I started golf at age 11 a Burroughs Farms, a family recreational area for employees of Burroughs Adding Machine Company. This facility is now called Oak Pointe, west of Brighton, MI. I played on Royal Oak High School team which won the Michigan State High School Championship in 1951 (not a misprint on year). My last year at Michigan State and sfter I was admitted to medical school, I played #3 man on Michigan State College (at that time) golf team. My best competitive score was two under 70 against Notre Dame. I have enjoyed 3 holes in one, the longest being 265 yards in 1955. I played a few local country club invitationals over the years, winning once at the Lansing Country club with Otto Schubel.

Long hiatus in golf due to medical school and practice, but in 2002, I slipped on the ice after a Michigan State basketball game and dislocated my shoulder. This resulted in rotator cuff repair and exploring one handed putting. This led to interest in putting and putter design. This led to meeting Howard Twitty, former PGA tour player and the rest is history and daily documentation of new events now reflected in this blog’s “What are you up to in Golf”

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Life & life

Open Bible

Open Bible

These are musings about Life and life. Notice the capital letter on the first Life. The reason is that it is a synonym or code name for the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He called himself the Way, The Truth and the Life. Over the years I have lived an imperfect life (not capitalized) which is one of the qualifications for becoming and remaining a Christian. There is a fun scripture that rhetorically says, “Does a well man need a doctor?” Only those with faults need apply.

I have written a number of manuscripts about Life and life. One such many people Christian or not have appreciated is my insight to what goes on in the operating room which resulted in a prayer for those undergoing surgery. (use the form to the right to sign up and get this free)

I have written a short manuscript on “A Physician Looks at Scriptural Healing”. Being a medical doctor and a Christian it was of interest to me, what the Bible recorded about healing. So it was important to me to make this study in light of my clinical experiences. I want the proceeds from this to go directly to Fresh Wind Christian Community in Benzie County, MI.

This section will have many other reflections on Life and life as we go along.

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Answering the frequently asked question (FAQ) of what am I up to now?

A BLOG seemed the best and most efficient means of answering the FAQs on a regular basis.  It might be said that I wear multiple hats or have many interests.  Discovery in medicine will always be the main topic.  However there are other categories; Golf Adventures, Inventions, and some Christian writings.  Hopefully the BLOG will be a format to tell what I am up to in each of these main endeavors.  It seems almost daily there are interesting events; at least to me. Perhaps the events may be of interest to others.

I want to make it clear, I am not retired.  Retirement it is bad for one’s health.  I concluded my clinical practice in 1995, but work regularly in these various endeavors.  I do not see anywhere in the Bible where retirement is to be desired or realized.  I have told my daughters that I will not be speaking at my retirement party.

From time to time I will answer publicly herein those questions that recently surfaced and may be of general interest.  I will not be recording what I had on my hot dog at a ball game, let alone focus on mundane events.

I trust I will accomplish the intended goal of answering “What am I up to?”

Avoiding Total Knee Surgery?

Avoiding total knee surgery? I have for 25 years and counting. My latest discovery is a conversion of a sports sleeve to further unload my arthritic knee and video evidence of improving my gait. The product is seen at topicalgear.com/products/t-25-knee-pair. Read on!

There is an ancient proverb, “Physician heal thyself”. The following is my story and success at healing myself and avoiding total knee surgery.

In 1996, with a single golf swing out of heavy rough I torn both medial meniscus and sheared of the cartilage of both medial femoral condyles. Both massively swollen knees underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove hundreds or cartilage fragment while confirming the major loss of cartilage covering the thigh bone. The prognosis was bad. I was already a candidate for total knee surgery.

I started to look into ways to preserve what cartilage remained, minimize progression, have less pain, stay active and avoid a total knee replacement. Why?

Under publicized is that 25% of patients having a total knee operation are not satisfied with the results. The risk of infection is reported as much as 2%. That percentage is low, but the event is tragic. Underreported is that the 5-year mortality of an infected total joint is worse than cancer of the breast or prostate; 25%. Wow! If the patient lives they have years of pain, loss of life style, multiple courses of antibiotics, repeated operations the final reconstructive results are compromised at best, if they live.

My case, like most knee arthritic cases was initially on the inner side of the knee, not the entire knee joint to which it later will spread.

Wedged Insoles: It is known that pressure forces on an arthritic joint lead to onset and or progression of the condition. Therefore, I set out to study how to reduce the forces across the inner knee joint of my knee. A study at independent contract laboratory in La Jolla, California was performed on four patients who had already had a total knee in place, but all with load sensors for scientific study.

It was learned that a wedged insole would unload the inner aspect of those with the sensor total knees. drlannysinsoles.com/independent-testing/

Wedged insoles have been controversial, but because the appliance was applied but without identifying if the potential user was biomechanically qualified to benefit. I discovered a simple test to learn if the patient would benefit from wedged insoles. drlannysinsoles.com/wedged-insoles-for-the-arthritic-knee/

I started wearing such wedges and found them an immediate benefit in reduction of pain. Because of my interest in golf and having credentials as instructor on PGA Tour, I got these insoles USGA approved as legal for tournament golf. I have offered them for sale to others at a nominal charge. www.drlannysinsoles.com

An Arthritis Pill? Joint swelling and inflammation accompany arthritis as the joint deteriorates and sheds of fragments of cartilage. I have a long interest in cartilage healing, pre-dating my injury. I have published on the treatment of such not thinking at the time, I would be a patient.

About 15 years ago I was saw an article in the local Lansing, Michigan newspaper reporting Michigan State scientists discovered that that dyes that make cherries red, when applied to rodent pancreatic islet cells caused increase insulin expression. I reasoned that these dyes might cause other cells or tissues to produce an insulin like hormone; IGF-1. IGF-1 is long known in the scientific community to heal cartilage, but no clinical application has emerged.

I returned to the La Jolla laboratory and demonstrated that these dyes called cyanidin-3-glycoside when applied to human joint lining explants in the laboratory resulted in increased IGF-1 production. I was granted US patents concerning such.

8, 263,069 September 11, 2012. This patent showed that the dyes of plants (anthocyanins and anthocyanins) the precursor of the metabolite protocatechuic acid turned on the gene for growth hormone IGF-1 in human synovium.

9,486,468: November 8, 2016. This patent secured the intra articular injection route not previously included in the granted patent claims.

However, it was learned that the bioactive reagent was not cyanidin-3-glucoside, but the primary metabolite of such; protocatechuic acid (PCA). PCA is a food supplement and classified as a nutraceutical. A patent application was made for such and remains under review.

After further study and research, I secured capsules for my use to decrease the inflammation associated with arthritis. They were successful, so I made them available to others. Presently they are commercially available at drjsnatural.com/Total-Wellness-PCA.

Time Marches On: It now was 2021 and I had no pain or swelling for daily activities. I could walk more than a mile with no problem, but not often. I could stand on PGA Tour, teaching for 8-10 hours without a problem, given occasional chance to sit down. I golfed in a car, hit practice balls and no problem.

Cosmetically my knees became more bowed but I was not anticipating a beauty contest. I have minimal loss of extension but retained full flexion.

However, stair climbing and decent remain a major problem. I also lose my balance walking on rocky or uneven surfaces. Muscular control or responsiveness is not there.

The Dynamic Total Knee: I knew of this technology for sports. topicalgear.com/products/t-25-knee-pair. A reintroduction with the inventor, Bill Bue alerted me to applicable for knee arthritis; mine. Following a re-introduction, I was willing to explore its potential for further non-operative treatment of my bone-on-bone knee problem. I doubted its benefit, but I do not have a closed mind to technology. My approach is always a willing to explore until proven otherwise.

To my surprise, the application to both lower extremities provided immediate improvement in stair climbing. Yes, immediately. I was suspicious of some biomechanical trick. I subsequently learned I could ascend 2 flight of stairs somewhat hesitantly, heretofore not possible. Descending steps was better, but I still lacked confidence.

I then tested on stationary bicycle. I normally do 25 minutes at minimal resistance setting of 2. I do not want to load the arthritic knee. With the Dynamic Total Knee on, I found the #2 setting too easy. I cautiously elevated to #3 and did the 25-minute routine. It was minimally more resistant than #2, but did not hurt. My heart rate before climbed from 60 the 70’s. This time it when into the mid 80’s and caused perspiration not observed before. There was no subsequent knee pain or swelling.

Video-taping provided documentation of my gait. First was barefoot, then barefoot with DTK sleeve on both thighs which showed improvement. Finally, DTK with my shoes with wedged insoles. Amazing video evidence of improved dynamics of my gait; no lessons and no surgery. Way better symptomatically and dynamically.

The wedged insoles provide a passive correction of the malalignment of the knee and the DTK provides the dynamic muscular forces to restore more normal gait pattern.

I am in the process of further pushing the boundaries beyond the activities of daily living.

Lanny L. Johnson, M.D.

Discerning Narratives

10/25/2021: Discerning Narratives: Narratives are common to American life disguising the facts or truth. Therefore, narratives must be recognized and recognized for what they are. This exercise requires careful discernment and examination. Independent of the topic the following is true.

A narrative as commonly used today is a concept yet to be examined but must be put into practice. They are typically based upon presumption intended to be enforced or put into practice.

The dictionary definition of narrative is: noun; a spoken or written account of connected events; a story; an account, tale, chronicle, portrayal, rehearsal.

I particularly like the synonym of “rehearsal”. The “rehearsal” moniker says the ideas are without credible foundation and therefore should not be ready for prime time. A narrative is typically proposed as in the best interest of those it would affect. The advocates of a narrative must know it does not make sense and without foundation, yet advancing the narrative as though based on established evidence which of course is absent. That is the reason a narrative is put forth as an edict without accepting a critique or challenge. These factors should expose a narrative.

A narrative is not even a hypothesis. The hypothesis definition is: noun; a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation; theory, theorem, thesis, conjecture, supposition, speculation, assumption, presumption, notion and or a contention.

In philosophy a proposition is made as a basis for reasoning, without any assumption of its truth.

In science, the hypothesis is an idea that proposes a tentative explanation about a phenomenon or a narrow set of phenomena observed in the natural world. The notion of the scientific hypothesis as both falsifiable and testable was advanced in the mid-20th century by Austrian-born British philosopher Karl Popper.

Let us consider narratives at best a hypothesis. Let us be kind to those proposing a narrative and ask them to consider their proposal nothing more than a hypothesis, a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

Recent fun Interview

10/21/21: See medium.com/authority-magazine/dr-lanny-johnson-5-things-that-should-be-done-to-improve-the-us-educational-system-c70f4b00a744

Multiple photographs of PCA Celebration Night

See: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLts-SPq62U

There was a sit down dinner for 120 at beautiful restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA. Many of the guests were Vietnamese as was the host, Jacqueline Ng (the lady in the blue dress; famous song)

I think my smiles turned to scowls after 100 or more photographs.

New Patent granted

8/31/2021: This is the second US patent for COVID19, now for the mitigation of such. It is for the spraying on a coating (after drying) of PCA on masks and other personal protective equipment. The crystalline coating is a protective barrier. The SARS CoV2 virus is inactivated upon contact almost immediately and even up to 24 hours after application.

11,103,471 B2 8/31/2021. Anti-microbials and the Methods and Use thereof. August 31, 2021.
This patent is for mitigation of bacteria and virus (COVID 19) by coating of personal protective equipment; masks, gowns, hats, shoes, etc.

New Web Site

9/9/2021: See www.pcabioscience.com that just launched and connection to Dr J’s Natural.

Update: COVID 19

8/26/2021: Update: COVID 19

COVID19 is multi-dimensional disease.

Medical Disease: SARS CoV-2 emerged in late 2019 as a viral infection.

Political Disease: Early in 2020 COVID19 rapidly became politicized.

Legal Disease: As the epidemic progressed it rapidly took on a legal dimension. This was related to the authority a government, corporation and or organization would have to enforce laws or policies.

Personal Liberty Disease: Over time the issue of personal liberty to choose to comply or not with laws, regulations and/or policies emerged. This most recently occurred with the right to to take a vaccine or not.

This results in a very complex pathway even blocking mitigation and or treatment.