Bridgestone Review

8/3/12 This week at Akron, the scene was different than the typical pre tournament environment.  Because this is a big international event and the PGA major is next week, the players were very focused and many of the big name instructors and agents were on the scene.

The player instructor relationship is interesting.  The instructors very much hover over their players as to make sure they do not lose the contract.  The players become very dependent upon the instructors.  It appears as a mutual beneficial symbiosis.   It would seem to a distant observer that a player of this caliber would not be so needy for instruction.  Perhaps they are not, but the PGA player’s life is very isolated.  Therefore this tight relationship is a legitimate way to have someone on your side.  This is an observation just from a distance.

The player managers hover even more.  They were on the scene this week as well.  The certainly do not want to lose their meal ticket.  The player needs them to take care of business and look out for their interests while the player focuses on golf.  I am not sure the manager is necessary.  If the golfer is great, they are in demand.  If not, no manager can get them “deals” or engagements.

A recent player of the year and another recent winner of the Fed Ex cup engaged me in conversation about the grooved golf grip.  Both asked to have one to “try”.   As important was the interest by those in the industry who wanted grips for their own clubs.  Many of these men are very good golfers and play competitively.   Some play in amateur tournaments.  Some caddies on the regular tour are good enough to play “off and on” on the other tours.  Their interest in the grips indicates we have created a buzz with Kite, Hallberg, and Harrington’s play.