Busy Week

4/26/2015: In order to stay true to my BLOG title, “What is Dr. Lanny Up To?” I will mention what I have going this week.

On Tuesday April 28, I will go to Loma Linda Orthopedic department and work with resident surgeon, Molly Lewis, M.D. We will be doing a study on the potential to sterilize the axilla of normal medical students. We will be culturing the skin, followed by application of solution of protocatechuic acid (PCA). A repeat culture will be taken after one hour. The intent is to determine if the topical application of PCA will ablate the skin surface bacteria and eventually translate into a means of sterilizing the skin before surgery so as to reduce the infection rate.

Later in the week I will be speaking at the following event. Their wed site is www.aaomed.com.

2015 32nd AAOM Annual Conference and Scientific Seminar presents
The 1st World Congress on Interventional Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine (IROM)
April 29-May 2, 2015
Astor Crowne Plaza
New Orleans, LA

Along the way I have arranged for BlastMotion and DJ Ortho a brace company to collaborate in developing a dynamic anterior cruciate injury prevention brace. I have had the idea for this brace for over 30 years and now it appears the technology will make it possible. BlastsMotion.com has amazing technology that records in 3 dimensions the body part’s position and acceleration in space. DJOrtho is the market share leader in orthopedic bracing.