Fun and Fund Raiser Idea

11/20/12:  Last year around Halloween, it occurred to me the emphasis upon Ghosts could be used in a religious manner, even as a Christian trademark.  So I came up with the idea to trade mark the word ghost with a halo symbol tilted on top of the letter “G”.  It looked like this.

I figured the trademark could be used in a number of ways when followed by various wordings; “onboard”, “in here”, “lives here”, “within”, etc.  Here are a couple examples say for a bumper sticker or a building. 

I figured it also could be used in other ways, perhaps as a button on a hat or clothing.  My intent aside from the “fun” alternative use of such a trademark was that it may have value when used a fund raiser by church youth groups.  Therefore I called it the “fun and fund raiser”, hoping it would accomplish both purposes at the same time.

After some time, I settled on licensing the trademark “Ghost” with a halo at a nominal fee.  This way seemed the simplest manner to protect its value and use.  It also allowed its use in a variety of ways reserved for the licensee.  The licensee may attach there own web site to the announcement to promote their specific activities or mission.

I established a web site as the home for this venture.  This is readily translated into “Holy Ghost for You” by those in the religious community.  I trust fun and funds may be raised for a Godly cause in this manner.