How come the DrLanny?

How come the DrLanny name? Long story, short! The Dr. Lanny moniker came about during my PGA tour teaching experience. I had been called Lanny longer than doctor. It was shorter  than Doctor Johnson in that setting. It also separated my previous career as an orthopedic surgeon from the present day various and diverse ventures, including golf. It also was a less formal connection while having a commercial tone, something not generally accepted in the medical profession, but representative of my present day activities.

Bio: I am continually working to make a difference in my personal, professional and avocation life. (Click here for my C.V., a long and detailed documentation of my activities)

I concluded my orthopedic clinical practice at age 62 in 1995 so that I could finish up many projects that were in process. I continue to function as a physician/surgeon in the areas of research and development. This has resulted in a number of recent granted US patents. I continue to write and publications will be noted from time to time. My main interest over the years has been in cartilage healing which is reflected in the publications and patents which are reflected in this blog’s “What are you up to in Invention/Patents”.

An accidental fall on the ice in a parking lot after a MSU basketball game resulted in surgery for a torn rotator cuff which lead to interest in putting, my time as an instructor on the PGA tour, and a publication with former PGA tour player Howard Twitty, “There is More to Putting Than Meets the Eye”. The publication chronicled my first 10 years “between the ropes” and a study of PGA tour player putting techniques. This adventure is chronicled in “What are you up to in Golf” on this blog.

Where am I? Good question as one grows older! I am still oriented to person, place and time. We sold our home in Okemos, MI in 2011 and moved our domicile to Frankfort, MI for the summer months. From November to late April we are in Carlsbad, CA. FYI: The precipitation runs off in CA. No shoveling.  Sold in CA in 2022 and now winter in Henderson, NV.  This is nice suburb of Las Vegas.

We attend Faith Family Church in Henderson; A perfect church for imperfect people. Much of this activity will be reflected on the “What is Lanny up to in Life” page on this blog.