PGA Tour Commercial Credentials

I have had credentials for the PGA tour for 10 years.  They were under the title; “Instructor”.  This year the category was changed to “Player Support”.   This credential did not allow me to promote a product.  The qualification for a PGA Tour “Commercial” credential is to have a player signed under contract with your equipment and/or the Darryl survey shows players are using your product.  Since my mantra has been, “I do not charge and I do not pay”, we had to wait for the Darryl survey to identify Tour player’s use of our products.  We now have met the criteria and were granted the credential.

Howard Twitty and I will launch the line of grips at the Byron Nelson and Colonial Tournaments in the next few weeks.  We do not expect to go out every week, but time to time to make our products available to more PGA Tour Players.

One professional using all our textured grips turned 50 in March and shot 67 in the Champion Tour’s Monday qualifier. He then was 11th in the tournament and won $33,000+.  He loves the grips after his first competitive rounds in several years.

Our full line of grips will be seen on  The standard putter and the two part long putter grip will be available by the end of the week on this site.