Presently Expanding Patent Claims plus new Discovery

2/17/14: I received patent 8,263,069 Composition including anthocyanins and anthocyanidins for prevention and or treatment of articular cartilage associated conditions. September 11, 2012. However there were some potential claims that were logical to pursue. My pursuit was strengthen by additional evidence gained from animal experiments results from the fall of 2013. My intent was to secure the idea of direct injection, which seemed logical from the start, but not to the examiner.

In addition, I will be converting my provision patent concerning treatment of wounds to a utility patent. I now have experimental in vivo animal pre clinical evidence that the claims to kill the bacteria on an open burn like wound in 48 hours while causing the skin to heal was realized. Pretty exciting, so putting this application together.

As with any other research their is addition questions to be answered, but also evidence not considered at the start. In the later category I now have molecule that will cause decrease in matrix metalloproteinase in the blood stream of animals. This is relevant to a variety of diseases. Pretty exciting.