Q School Entry Fees

12/1/12:  I copied from the 2010 PGA Tour Web Site the following to answer a curiosity question.

Q. How much does it cost to enter q-school?
A. Entry fees in 2010 for the PGA TOUR are as follows: first-stage qualifying is $4,500, second-stage qualifying is $4,000 and the finals is $3,500.

Do the math!  There were over 1500 entries this year X $4500 = $6, 750,000 for starters.  I do not know the number in the 2nd stage, but 172 players paid $3500 for the finals to equal $602,000 cash flow to the PGA Tour.

There is no pay out until the final stage; $50,000 for the winner, $40,000 for 2nd and so on down for top 25 and rest of top 50 finishers get $5ooo.  The remainder who made the finals get nothing but a great experience.

To see all the details go to i.cdn.turner.com/pgatour/docs/pdf/2012-QSchool-Application-PGA-TOUR.pdf

There is way more money on the PGA Tour table.