Single stanza “hymns” over and over! Why?

4/30/14: The present day “contemporary” evangelical church ritual asks the congregation to stand for the first 30 plus minutes to sing the same song’s stanza over and over.  This may be up to ten times depending upon how “worshipful” the worship leader feels. In case you did not learn the words, it will be sung again at the end of the service two to three more times.  This is called “worship”.   I do not get it or even get with it.  I find it works best for me to come late and leave early since I must pick up song lyrics faster than the remainder of the congregant.

Years ago in church the order of the day was to sing Hymn #206; the first, third and forth verses.  For some reason the second verse was omitted.  On other times it was only the first and forth.  On another time, only the first and the chorus were sung.  I never understood the rationale. This did not make sense to me either.  Also in this liturgy an asterisk was conveniently printed in the program indicated whether to sit or stand.

Okay in perspective, I am near 80 years old.  I recently bought a CD of hymns by a 104 year old singer, George Beverly Shea.  He sings through all stanzas of the song once with the accompanying  chorus.  I play it in the car going to and from church.