Some things come to us. Other things come through us.

I have learned, “Some things come to us and other things come through us.”  In the Bible, David had a desire to build the Temple.  For various reasons, he did not, but his son Solomon built the Temple.

For those of you into football, a great example of this is the football family, Manning.  Archie was a great player at U of Mississippi.  He was drafted by New Orleans and was battered and bruised on this awful last place team.  He never achieved the anticipated success.  You now know the rest of the story.  Both of his son’s have been super star quarter backs in NFL and won super bowl rings.  It did not come to Archie, but came through him.

George Romney, a former governor of Michigan ran for the Republican nomination for president.  He did not get it.  His son, Mitt appears to have achieved this goal.

The same is true of me and you.  Some things have come to us and some things will come through us.  Think of some things you wished had happened to you.  Think of some things your parents did not experience, but you did.