Timely US patent granted

10/1/2020: A timely US patent was just granted for a skin disinfectant/sanitizer. The formulation is one that has a solution of water or alcohol that contains the proven virucidal reagent, protocatechuic acid for the SARS CoV2 virus.

The spray when it dries, unlike other sanitizers has long lasting effect as it leaves behind a invisible coating of the reagent that kills the virus on contact.

I have Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application in to the FDA for such. It provides an addition means of mitigation of COVID19.

A spray bottle would be available with alcohol to sanitize the skin, plus add prevention to a mask or PPE.

The water vehicle would be used to spray one’s nose and mouth, the pathways of the virus to one’s lungs.

I am hoping for an early response to all the regulations. However, since this is a nutraceutical I am legally able to market without prior FDA approval. I have 10,000 bottles of each on order.

I will keep you posted on the progress.