“400,000 neurons” ad claim from Golf Pride

4/17/2014: Golf Pride advertises 400,000 neurons in the hand are stimulated by their new golf grip. 400,000 seems like alot, until one looks at the facts about neurons. http://www.golfdigeststix.com/golfdigeststix/20140416?pg=22#pg22

Their claim provoked my curiosity to see how many neurons really exist in the hand. I could not find the number. I then looked at the potential number in the human brain. A Google search produced a recent study by Dr. Suzanna Herculano-Houzel on four men ages 50, 51, 54, and 71. There were 87,000,000,000 neurons in the subject’s brains. http://www.theguardian.com/science/blog/2012/feb/28/how-many-neurons-human-brain.

Now back to Gold Pride’s claim. Not surprisingly there was no accompanying citation or reference to support the claim. If we accept their claim that 400,000 neurons are activated and actively engaged with the use of their golf grip, we need to make some calculations.

Let us do the math. 87,000,000,000 minus 400,000 = 86,999,600,000 neurons that are not involved and at rest when using their new golf grip. At best one could assume the other neurons could be doing something else but being involved in golf. To put this further into perspective a 10% usage of neurons would be 1/10th or 0.1. The math for their claim is 0.0000459 % of neurons are actively involved.

Sounds like a NO BRAINER golf grip to me.