Amazing Immediate Results with Grooved Grip

Fully Exempt Champions Tour Player

Coston impact spots
5 impacts on face of his driver on the left and the Test Driver from Driving range barrel on the right.

The imprint on the left with his driver gave him 271.7 yards average (35th) and 54.76% fairways hit (78th) the week before. The pattern on the right was with no practice swings and 5 successive hits with the test driver. He put the grooved grips on all 14 clubs. Notice the imprint of the tees are also more in line than with his driver.

Round 1: He shot 73. The next day his driving stats were 265 yards and 85.71% accuracy. He shot 3 strokes lower than his prior average.

Round 2: He shot 72. He drove an average of 262.5 yards and with an 89.29% accuracy on fairways hit.

Round 3: He shot 75 while finishing with 5 bogies on last 8 holes. He drove it 262.5 yards on average and hit 83.33% of fairways.

Summary: His scoring was 3 strokes better average than week before in spite of the multiple bogie finish. He had major improvement in driving dispersion, going from 54.76% to 83-89% fairways hit by only changing the grip. To put this in perspective, the best % fairways hit on PGA tour is 76 and the average is 60%.