Back out on PGA Tour

1/17/13: Back out on PGA tour at the Humana (Hope) at La Quinta, CA.  It is great fun to get back out there.  Our main thrust this year is to increase the number of PGA players using our grips.

There are many positive responses to our grooved golf grips.  One three time major winner has used the grooved golf grip on his putter since last year.  A major manufacturer came to my partner Howard Twitty and asked for a grip.  He is building a putter for this world class player and the player insists he continues to have our grip on his putter.

Another great player has grooved grip on driver and putter and now wants to putt them on more clubs.  He picked up 3 more.

Please see the photographs of the most recent PGA tour winner and millionaire.  Henley is neighbor of good friend of mine from Macon, GA.


Henley set up

I thought this would be fun for you.  You see the players and/or caddies pull out small book like the one below for distance.

data book

It is really more than that.  See these pages on the 18th at Palmer Private.  You can see what they see while you watch TV.  This is the data to look at before they hit their drive.

18th fairway la quinta

18th fairway lay out


Then the data to consider for the 2nd shot if it is a lay up.

18th fairway la quinta

Fairway landing area for layup

Now we look at the details of the 18th green.18th green laquinta                                                                                                    18 green at Palmer Private

I hope (no pun intended) this makes Sunday TV watching as you can read the greens with the player.

Next week it is Torrey Pines, Then Phoenix.  After that I go to FL for two Champion tour events.  Many of those players are using the grooved golf grip.