Care of Golf Grips

2/27/2014: Care of golf grips is necessary to maintain tacky feel.

PROBLEM: Rubber or composite grips are adversely affected by ozone and ultraviolet light. Ozone damage will be evident by eventual cracking. UV light causes the surface to become slick, perhaps in a few weeks when exposed in desert climate. You may revitalize by using the following solution.

IRONIC: The grips on newly purchased set of golf clubs produced by a major company are low quality. You may find the grips sitting in warehouse or the store may be slick at the time of your purchase. Revitalize by using the following solution.

CONSULTATION: I consulted a major USA rubber company to solve the problem. I thought adding more zinc or titanium oxide to the formula would solve the problem. These substances are already in grips. There is no material or manufacturing solution.

SOLUTION: The surface is rejuvenated by 100 grain sandpapering and cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or Simple Green and washing.

*Note: Grips that have a polyurethane skin, as with putter grips, do not have the same problem.