Care of All Rubber Golf Grips

8/24/12  I was at a pro am event in Michigan earlier this week and some senior club pros were saying how good the driver/iron grips had been for them this past year.  These senior pros had the 65 durometer Synapse grips with minimal texture; our first grips.

They brought to my attention a method of caring for grips, not known to me.  They said these grips became somewhat harder and slick over time, so they used sand paper to roughen the surface.  Having been in golf a long time, these pros were aware of how grips were years ago, all rubber.  Howard Twitty confirmed for me, this was standard operating procedure years ago on the PGA Tour.

Present day grips are 40% polymer and wear very easily.  Therefore present day grips have no longevity and require regular replacement.  Tour players might get regripping almost on a daily basis.  It is no cost to them and they want no wear.

The Synapse grip is all rubber.  The surface does not absorb water or oil from a player’s skin.  The above discussion with senior club pros bought to my attention care of an all rubber grip may not be known to present day players.

All Rubber Golf Grip Care:  The surface should be scrubbed with soap and water to maintain the texture.  The frequency depends upon the frequency of play and the weather.  Hot and sticky weather requires more frequent scrubbing.  You will be surprised at how dirty the surface has become.  This is because there is no absorption of fluid or grease into the rubber.

The other method of care is what the senior pros brought to my attention.  If the surface becomes harder or slick, then a gentle roughening with sand paper restores the surface feel.

The grips used on PGA Tour for now over a year, have shown no sign of wear.  However, the frequent use demands frequent care.