Champions Tour Report

8/1/2014: Champions Tour Report: Vijay Singh is very happy with mid size cord grips on 13 clubs. He has won hundreds of thousands of dollars on both tours since putting them on. Ironically, not yet on the putter. He says he is putting well. Marco Dawson has grooved grip on putter and has won more money in past 6 weeks than he has won in many years put together. Gil Morgan continues to have grooved grip on putter and driver. Mike Goodes on wedges and soon on putter again. Mark Wiebe has groove grip on putter now for couple years. Fred Funk put the new 44 gram grip on his putter; this is his 2nd or 3rd time to put it in play. Chip Beck put the new 44 gram on putter first time in pro am and shot 8 birdies. He called me at 9:30 pm and gave me the good report. He will put it in play this week. Larry Mise came up to me and wanted me to know he has the grooved grip on his putter now. “Loves it”. Bill Glasson took driver/iron grips and 44 gram putter grips. He has used them off and on for past year. Tom Purtzer has grooved grips on drivers, wedges and putter. Bob Gilder has grip on putter for past couple years. Jay Haas really like the concept of the 44 gram grip and asked for one.

Colin Montgomerie took a 44 gram grip for putter. So did Dan Forsman and Russ Cochrane. All to try next week as it is an off week on this Tour.

The really interesting news was a former PGA major champion approaching me. He has medical problem that resulted in loss of proprioception. He heard about the grip and wanted to know potential to help him. We did the driver impact tests with immediate positive feed back of more central hits. He wanted them right now on all clubs. I advised he start with the 44 gram putter grip and test the others on the off week. If the grooved grip can overcome his proprioception defect that will be additional big news.