Golf Grips on Sale?

8/29/2014: Golf grips are on sale, but not the Grooved Golf Grip. Why? There are several reasons for the 80% off golf grip sales on traditional golf grips.

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1. It is the end of the season.
2. The golf industry is contracting as evidenced by Taylor Made closing down Adams Golf.
3. Perhaps more importantly the traditional golf grip only provides golfer with facility to hold on to the golf club, nothing more.

So why is the grooved golf grip not on sale? There is good reason. It actually does something.
1. It provides game improvement.
2. It enhances the performance of any and all golf clubs.
3. It causes improved ball impact by center hits.
4. It decreases ball flight dispersion; causing more accurate shots. This has been documented by Tour professionals as well as amateurs.
5. The early adopters on the PGA tours have over several million dollars in winnings in just the last year.
6. It is the first major advance in golf grips since clubs were first wrapped.

No wonder the grooved golf grip is not on sale.