Grooved Golf Grip Produces Better Aim: First Stroke and Beyond

5/31/13: The grooved golf grip causes PGA player to aim and direct putt towards the target from the first try forward. The following results show 5 successive putts by a PGA teaching professional who was competing in the Senior PGA in St. Louis, MO.

The first 4 strokes are with his putter.  The last stroke was with a putter he never had in his hands until now, but it had a grooved grip.  He was handed the putter with the grooved grip and hit one putt.  No practice.  No lessons.  Although unaware his aim was better than with his own putter.

britton grooved grip AIM


The aim with the grooved grip was 0.88.  Way better than with his own conventional putter and grip.


His face at impact and direction was also much better.

Britton grooved grip DIRECTION


Notice the last of the 5 was 0.78 degress open.  The path was much straighter at 0.63 degrees.


We then looked at and impact spot, both of whic were better.

Britton grooved grip  PATH Spot


We have seen good results and improvement, but not in just one stroke as with this PGA player.