Grooved grip in play at Senior PGA

5/27/2014: Several players had the grooved golf grip in play at the Senior PGA Championship last week. Most notable was Marco Dawson who just turned 50 years old about a month ago. He has used the grips off and on last 3 years. He put them on 2 weeks ago before the Regions major and tied for 9th. In the Senior PGA he again tied for 9th at 5 under par. He had the low 18 hole score in the PGA Championship tournament at 64. He has won $100,000 in past 2 weeks. Marco has never won 1st on a PGA tour event.

Anders Forsbrand put grips on all clubs for the first time on advice of his caddie. Not on the putter. He was even par until last 9 holes when he had a 40. The week before he was last place at 19 over par. Much better this week.

All players but one, using the grooved grip in one club or more made the cut; i.e. putter and wedges. Several others who have used them off and on, now want to put them on all clubs going forward.