I do not charge and I do not pay

6/3/12: On the PGA tour the culture is such that players pay for instruction and are paid for what ever they use or endorse.  That is fair.  It is how they make a living.

Famous instructors earn at least $1000 per hour on the low side for personal instruction for tour players.  PGA tour players are paid thousands for endorsements.  For instance, players who are not Taylor Made staff (paid to wear shirts, hats, shoes, and bag logo) are paid $1500 per week to play the white painted driver.  A PGA tour player may pick up $1500 a week to play the Scotty Cameron putters.  This helps explain there visual prominence on televised PGA events.  It is just part of the marketing budget for these companies.

Understanding this led me to early on, declare, “I do not charge and I do not pay!”   This was response to PGA tour player’s questions on these issues.  I have given my time, knowledge and use of SAM puttLAB prior to tour events for free.   Players may use my grips or putters for free and are not paid to do so.  I tell them, “If you cannot win money with this equipment, I would not use it.”  My view is that there is huge potential commercial value when a product is seen in play on the PGA tour television.  There is a greater value if the player is not paid to use it and therefore removes any conflict of interest.

As a result, I have a good healthy and open relationship with many tour players.  Many have appreciated my instruction and many are using my grips.  Vijay Singh says, “I am the best dollar value out on tour.”