Lehman credits Dr. Lanny

6/22/2014: Tom Lehman credits Dr. Lanny with advice that improved his putting. After the 2nd round at Champions Tour this past week Tom Lehman credited Dr.Lanny during his post round Golf Channel interview. Tom was leading by 3 strokes after two rounds at 13 under par. He was asked about his sudden improvement in this putting. He responded by saying that Lanny Johnson made two suggestions that made the difference. He said that Lanny noticed by watching on Golf Channel that he had the toe of his putter elevated (moves ball to left) and was hitting off the heel of the face to compensate.(moves the ball roll to the right). Tom went on to say he accepted the advice and worked all day Thursday to make the correction.

In the final round he birdies 3 of the last 5 holes to win. His birdie putt on 18 to win was perfect technique on a up hill putt every player before him that day had come up short.

Congratulations to Tom. Whether surgery or golf, a great athlete can make the contributor look good.