PGA Byron Nelson Tour Event

Howard Twitty and I have been working at the Byron Nelson Tour event the last couple of days.  Our purpose is to make ourselves available for putting instruction and introduction of of new line of putter grips.  We have had good success with tour players interest in our grips.  Many have put them on their clubs the last two days in the practice rounds.  The most satisfying experience was with Padraig Harrington.  I had worked with him on putting several years ago.  Of course he knows Howard from the tour days.  Padraig came up to me saying he wants the putter grip and would be back at 2pm.  At 2pm he had his people approach Howard with his putter and wants the grip applied.  With his new grip he spend more than an hour with us on the SAM putting unit.  He owns one and is very familiar with its benefits.  Howard worked with him on technique and alignment.  We also learned much from Padraig on his insights to putting.  In all, a great time yesterday.