Q School Report

11/28/12: I was at the practice rounds prior to the PGA Q school tournament at PGA West the last couple of days.  It is just that; a tournament with 170+ players who qualified for this final event out of more than 1500 who tried to get here and did not.  Only the top 25 players and ties get PGA privileges for 2013.  The next 125 or so players get graduated opportunities on the Web.Com Tour.  In 2013 the format changes and is somewhat complicated, so many young players came out this year, turning professional as this will be the last year that winning at Q school gets one to the regular PGA Tour.  In 2013 there will be end of year four events affecting the next years “card”.   Future Q school will get only Web.Com privileges.

I was encouraged that several players, former regular PGA Tour guys, had switched to the Grooved Golf Grip recently and are having success on driver and putter.   I am puzzled, if it works so well on those two clubs, how come not the others.  I do not press them for an answer as I anticipate there may be none.  I wished them good luck this week.