SAS Tournament in Cary, NC

10/5/12  I am in Cary, NC for SAS Champions Tour event.  I was available here last 4 days for putting instruction and demonstrating the full array of grooved golf grips.

I have been out here on Champions Tour, off and on last 10 years and now noticed I have first name recognition.  Many players are on first name basis.  This week I worked with number of players with putting instruction.  Several of the very best out here came up, engaged me in conversation and wanted to test the putter grip.  Every time without fail the grooved grip provided the player with perfect aim at the target as compared to their grip and putter.  Several decided based upon the evidence to put the grips on their putter right now and said they plan to put it into play.  This is very rare decision by such seasoned players, but good for my project.

A number of players are using the grooved grip.  One such player, a former winner on tour, has qualified 3 out of 5 Mondays.  He shot 67 this week.  We are hoping for a top ten finish for him so that he will not have to Monday qualify next time.

The  Prestonwood Golf Club has 1000 playing members, 54 holes and 95,000 round per year.  Big place.  They have a beautiful instruction facility under direction of Tom Ream, a profession from MI.   One of the women pros put the grip in play in the pro am and just raved about performance.

I am making progress every time I go out.  Next week in Conover, NC.