The Skinny on Golf Grips

9/4/12 I have come to learn in successful marketing you find out what fish want to eat and feed them.   A look at the golf grip marketing gives some insight to what golfer’s want in the way of a golf grip.  It also reflects the non existent technological advances in golf grips.  There also is a hint of the low value of present day grips.

A grip is necessary on a new club to hold it.  A replacement grip is necessary as present day golf grips are not 100% rubber and wear out rapidly and require replacement.  Both are good for sales, but as you will see, sales are not all that good.

The present status of golf grips is best reflected in the recent Golf Works catalog.

The advertisements go from page 86 to 129 and then 3 more unnumbered pages of ads.  The manufacturer’s champion the color and the materials (multi-compound), surface design, softer (no mention of durometer), sizes (smaller is better vs. larger is better), weight (as little as 25 grams), tacky (no measure given), dry (usually are in the store), vibration reduction (no measure given), less torque, soft with firmer feel (really?), arthritic, proper hand alignment (for whom?), reduced hand pressure, “control”, surface texture, and last but not least “tour” identification.

 Here is what we have learned.  The golfer wants same equipment that is used by PGA tour players.  “As seen on TV” is the main marketing thrust.   Traditional technological advancements in golf grips appears limited to subjective factors; color, surface pattern designs, materials that are soft, tacky, and “dry”.  It is interesting that no evidence to support the contentions is reported.   Market success in selling golf grips is best reflected in all the present day publications and Internet offering 50% off sales.  Present day grips must be lacking something or no golfer perceives they need new grips.

So what is overlooked?  PERFORMANCE AND SUPPORTING EVIDENCE.  Only one grip company (mine) has technology that gives breakthrough performance and supports the rationale with PGA tour testing and PGA tour results.  No subjectivity.  Test results for driver iron at

Look at to see past and present reports on the tour experience with this grip.

The DrLannygrooved grip materials are all rubber.  Therefore these grips do not absorb water.  They are 100% dry.  They have variable textures and hardness (measured in durometer).  They have patented USGA conforming longitudinal grooves that enhance the golfer’s proprioception.  The player’s skin sinks into the grooves given a neurosensory input to the player’s psychomotor system of where the golf shaft is in space.  The same dermal imprint cause the player to become one with the grip and by the groove orientation provides maximum torsion control.

                         Patriotic Red, White and Blue Driver/iron grip: 50 durometer and 54 grams.

This is a different golf grip marketing story; performance enhancing with supporting evidence.

“It is a grip for the better golfer and the golfer that wants to get better”.