Vijay Singh’s improved putting is a marvel

2/19/2015: Vijay Singh”s scoring average before this week was 71.17. His putting statistics were -1.264 (yes, minus) strokes behind the average of the other players.

He put on the Lites Out ™ 2015 grooved golf grip for this week at PGA tour event. This putter grip is a very light 44 grams.

There were no lessons and not change in technique, only a performance grip change.

He shot 67 in the first round with putting stats of +1.763 for a difference of 3.027 strokes gained on the other players from his average to his results in round one. A huge turn around with only changing to a putter grip that enhances performance.

We will keep watching and reporting

Round 2: 74 with strokes gained putting plus 0.542 versus the average player’s stat of minus .022.

Round 3: 69 with strokes gained putting plus 0.773. He missed two makable putts on 17 and 18.

Round 4: 72 with 4 over on 15,16,17 or he wins tournament. He was plus 0.353 on putts gained on the field.

Summary:Contended for first time in long time. Putting stats were major improvement with Grooved putter grip.