Government Inefficiencies; No surprise

7/16/13: No surprise that the Federal Government is inefficient.  Due to an computer issue, my payment to the US Patent office by credit card was not complete.  I recieved two phone calls while out of town and did not have my application number with me.  I called the patent lawyer examiner and she did not know what it was about, nor had any record I owed any money.

I recieved a notice by mail to call a number to satisfy the account.  I called this number 571-272-7262.  I was referred to the following numbers each which was preceded  by up to 8 computer selection choices or stay on the line.  I spoke to a person at each number who referred me to the next “correct” number for payment.  I list the wrong numbers out of compasion for anyone who is advised to call them.




The person at the last number said for me to go to the web site and download a form to pay by credit c ard.  I did so, filled it out and sent the FAX.

Along the way I was given a reference # that no one wanted or needed.  At the end I was given a service request # 1-264-982-168 which was not to be used.

I now understand why the Federal Government needs so much in taxes from its citizeny; more than 5 people’s time involved in collecting the $210 fee.