Inventors BEWARE!

3/4/2015: Zambro, Inc makes telephone cold calls to inventors listed at US Patent Office records. In this case, I was the recipient. The person on the phone says they have a customer to purchase or license my patent on darts. I am surprised, but agree to see the written agreement.

The written agreement indicates the inventor sends $6,000 for virtual prototype, $3000 for market study and $10000 for feasibility study. Note that there is no promise of success.

However if they sell the idea or product the inventor gets 4% and a Zambro, Inc gets 96% of the proceeds. This is not a misprint as it is in the contract sent to me. The inventor is responsible for all other costs related to the patent filing and maintenance.

Unbelievable that anyone would have the conscience to make such an offer and even worse that anyone would sign such an agreement. I learned from my patent attorney this is a common practice.