New Venture; DynaMotionMedical

3/20/16: I formed DynaMotionMedical to explore the use of nanotechnology to musculoskeletal diagnosis and measurement of post treatment outcomes. What I saw in golf with BlastMotion’s and Zepp’s use of this technology lead me to look into the applications for orthopedic conditions.

With a unit comprised of miniature accelerometer, gyroscope and a magnetometer it is possible to see musculoskeletal movements not otherwise discerned by the human eye or video. For instance, motions that otherwise look normal will show interruption of acceleration, change in rotation and or x, y, z position in space. Pilot study proof of principle study shows this with tendon injury about the rotator cuff.

Development is underway for diagnosing shoulder conditions as well as determining impending elbow ulnar collateral ligament tears. There is potential for a wearable device to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injury. Assessment of neck and back conditions that heretofore may be very puzzling should now be more exacting. Also interesting is the exposure with documentation of maligners.

It will be possible to make a diagnosis based upon function, rather than static evidence like an x-ray and or MRI. The extent or magnitude of such conditions will be easily identified as well as the benefit of treatment.

This technology will allow remote monitoring of patient’s progress by telemedicine for which there is a reimbursable billing code.

A patent is pending.