The Dart Market

4/21/2015: Just learning about the dart market.

All of the parties involved in the production of this web site feel that the sport of darts needs less hype and more truth. There are shooters that have been playing for many years that are leaving the sport due to frustration, and there are newcomers that aren’t getting a “good start” with inadequate darts. Take a look at’s home page. In the second paragraph, you will see a mention about the “current” poll and also a mention for “previous poll’s results.” Click on the previous poll’s results and you will see thirteen questions. One of the questions is: “How many sets of darts do you own?” Keep in mind that there are over 100 million shooters in the world that play organized darts (leagues) and this does not include the casual shooters. A total of fifteen (15) percent or 15 million shooters worldwide, have an average of seventeen sets of darts! At an average of $80 per set, one of the cheapest sports has gotten very expensive! That’s a total of $1,360.00 worth of darts per shooter! Wow! In looking at these figures we have estimated that the annual market for darts alone, has to be somewhere above one half billion! and, we didn’t even figure in the casual shooters!