Cutting Out Scriptures?

7/26/12 I have often joked, “Is your Bible Holy (holely) only because you cut our scriptures?”  Recently multiple times by TV preachers and even in our own church the following scripture is quoted as a successful means of overcoming the evil one (devil).

Revelation 12:11 is quoted as such, “And they overcame him(devil) by the blood of the lamb and word of their testimony….”  I have not heard the 3rd and important condition ….. and they cared not for their life even unto death.”

This is the typical use of this scripture, although it is incomplete.  The third condition for overcoming is very critical to the success.

If you are in a battle with someone and they do not care if they die, but you do, it causes you to be defensive in the struggle.  You are less aggressive.  You are likely to lose. For instance, in World War II with the Japanese there were the Kamikaze pilots in their airplanes called Zeroes.  They would direct their plane to crash into an American battle ship, not caring for their life.  Today we witness the Muslim warriors doing the same; suicide missions on land or in the air, like on 911 in New York City.  Very hard, if not impossible to defend against such a mission.

Now put this in reverse context.  Say in the struggle against satan the Christian as it says in the amplified Bible “..did not not love and cling to life even when faced with death.”   Satan would look for an easier foe.

So the winning formula is:

1. The blood of the Lamb that covers and protects us.

2. The Word of our testimony, not our personal testimony, but speaking Bible Words as with the offensive weapon, the Sword of the Spirit.

3. Finally, it is a fight unto death and I will fight not caring if I die.  Why, I have a reservation in heaven, my home.