Enjoying The Father’s Privilege

7/13/12 The last few day’s events have drawn to my attention how as a son or daughter we enjoy the previlege provided by our earthy fathers. Howard Twitty and his son Will and I were together at the practice round days prior to the USGA Senior Golf Open Tournament at Indianwood Golf Course at Lake Orion, MI.

Will was accompanying his father just a half step behind. As the time went on he was carrying and delivering grips and clubs to the pros who where asking for the new grooved grips. Will had full access to the locker room, player’s dining and the club house. He was inside the ropes. In the course of the three days Will’s father provided his air fare, took him to play golf at TPC Dearborn and the famous Oakland Hills. He drove him around and fed him. Provided for his lodging. More importantly Will could stand close while Howard engaged players in conversation, worked with players like Tom Byrum and Brad Faxon on putting using the SAM puttlab ultrasound machine. Will heard the interchange on putting technique at the highest level of discussion; advice, technique corrections and philosophy on this aspect of golf. Not many young men have enjoyed as much.

Then it was back to provision of food, transportation and lodging. Howard when stopped for refueling the rental car when in an made sure he got Will his favorite snack food for the remainder of the trip. Next few days were more of the same.

These events reminded me of how many privileges I enjoyed that came through my earthly father.

Most importantly I quickly saw the same relationship between the Heavenly Father and the provision and privilege access I have though Christ Jesus. The Bible say every blessing heavenly places. Wow! Think about that!