Forsake not the assembling yourselves together!

12/10/2015: Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together is a commnand in the New Testament and I offer this perspective. There was not a church buiding for 265 years after Christ. So the new testament reports on house churches assembling and on one occassion an assembly of 5000 or more on the day Christ fed them.

Today the megachurch is expanding so that satellites are springing up where the main pastor is seen on video in several locations at once. One such church here in San Diego lists their present financial needs as $75,000. All this outreach and all this debt?

So here is my thought on this. There is no further Biblical definiton on the wording “to assemble”. I think now that electroic assembly may be a means to fulfill this command. If that is so then assembling electronically can be accomplished by television, audio CD, video CD, radio and Internet. Now it occurs to me; Why assemble with the back of the neck with 5,000 to 12,000 people you do not know. I think the idea of fellowship can be accomplished when any two of us are gathered together.

Your take?