Frankenstorm Sandy: A time to “Go Figure”?


During the prospect and now the aftermath of the Frankenstorm Sandy has brought out a wide spectrum of speculation on the natural causes, consequences of “global warming” and what initiative God Almighty may have had in this event.  The politically correct response would be that all possibilities are on the table for consideration.  People of all World View persuasions have filled the Internet with opinions.  I guess it is time to “Go Figure” as if it might be possible to figure this out for sure.

From my perspective it would be nice to know all the answers to the events in life.  In 79 years I have found out that it does not work that way.  So I focus on those things I might have some control over or ones that my will choice would affect.  This keeps me busy enough.

I find that there are some issues outside of my purveyance to understand, let alone change.  So I generally like to “cover all the bases” (even though my Detroit Tigers covered almost none in the recent World Series).  I am willing to consider all possibilities, but I start with a common denominator questionJust like hurricanes that are place in categories, we may place decisions in categories; good or bad, blessing or curse.  Which one is this?

In the case of Frankenstorm Sandy, I believe there is a consensus that it was something bad.  Therefore to my way of thinking Frankenstorm Sandy would fall into the category of a curse, what ever the cause.  We can start here and now “Go Figure”.