From Dream to Destiny

5/29/12: I read this book by Robert Morris this weekend.  Each chapter laid out the various challenges of the Biblical Joseph, the boy with the coat of many colors.  Each challenge is one that each of us would encounter as we seek God’s will for our lives.

It is especially timely for me as I have established a ministry; C-H-R-I-S-T here in Frankfort, MI.  The name represents Christian Heritage Resurrection of Invention, Science and Technology.

The mission is to share with young people in this community what is possible in their lives and consul them on how they may go about finding God’s will for their lives.

I expect to bring in guest speakers.  I have enlisted my daughter Charlotte, a medical doctor, to teach on healthy eating.  I got a yes from my son in law Carl Heideman to do a one hour talk on welding as he writes for automotive magazines on this topic.  My wife Carol agreed to do a seminar on making a resume.   We are a couple weeks away from a launch. The superintendent of Frankfort offered use of their meeting room so we now have options at Fresh Wind Christian Community and my “new” office in Frankfort.  I purchased this building for this purpose and it is presently under rehab.