God as a Tangible Reality

12/8/2014: For most people, even Christians, God is not a tangible reality, but just a distant being, manifest a couple times a year. God did make himself a tangible reality in the form of a man, Jesus. He walked this earth. However, I was not there and only have the written record of Him.

So I am left with what the Bible records about the tangible reality. The record says that if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. But, I was not there to see Him.

The general population and even Christians have a couple tangible experiences each year. At Christmas time He is the baby Jesus in a manger as sung about on TV specials. In the spring the adult Jesus as displayed on a cross on a church wall. I guess it makes sense to want something more than a couple images each year. However this may not seem possible.

Recently, I have been challenging people to invite the Lord to be a tangible reality in their life. The response is generally favorable, but still the reality is distant. How does one go about making an invitation? This is like an invitation to someone very important or famous. I think Jesus meets that definition.

It is simple. You might be a little timid to make such an invitation, but you may make the invitation as you would any other invitation. It would not be like the casual, “drop by sometime” and hoping that would not happen. When you are serious about an invitation you make it clear to those being invited you are serious about the invite. You offer to make it at a time convenient to the invitee. You then suggest a specific time for the encounter for the invitee’s consideration. You prepare a meeting place that is comfortable and accommodating. You would maximize your hospitality. You do all you can to make it beneficial to the invitee. It is important to have a purpose for the meeting. You should have an agenda that will accomplish the purpose. You outline the purpose and agenda for the invitee and ask them to make any deletions or additions as they see fit. The Bible says “Make your requests be made known”.

So let us look at inviting Jesus to a meeting. Are you qualified to make this invitation? The Word say “whosoever” may come and this appears to be very inclusive. He is available anytime and everywhere. He is omnipresent. Your purpose must be sincere and real. You must know the purpose. You must be so clear as to write the purpose down on paper or on the computer screen. Will he respond? He says that He draws nigh unto them that drawn nigh to Him. There may be some urgency since the Word says, “Seek the Lord while he may be found”. So get to it!

As I was thinking about this I did a Google search on asking God to make Himself a tangible reality. I came across this site: http://www.dwelling114.org/index.php/gregs-blog/36-gregs-blog/139-the-presence-of-god-made-tangible.html. Really a good read.

The proposition proposed therein brought to my attention another perspective of the tangibility of God. The author makes it clear that it is God’s intent to make each one of us a tangible reality of God. He did it with Jesus incarnate and he wants to do it with us with His Spirit and Word incarnate. Now this is food for thought.

Your next invitation may be from someone seeking to see God in tangible ways.