It is not bad enough yet?

8/29/14: “It is not bad enough yet.” Really? This philosophy is prevalent in our culture. It is most obvious in the world view of the present President of the United State of America. However this perspective prevails in all walks of American life.

One aspect I am familiar with is the medical profession. There has been a constant eroding of their authority while increasing their responsibility. There has been a decreasing of their incomes by federal regulation while increasing demands upon their services by regulation; i.e. ICD-10 coding. Yet the prevailing view is that it is not bad enough yet to take any initiative. Not bad enough yet?

Let us look at Detroit, the Motor City. This erosion started more than 70 years ago, when my father who worked for a non union company came home and said “The unions won again! Another company moved out of Detroit”. It was not bad enough yet at that time.

When did Detroit start to decay? It was not just with the stake holders’ exodus. It was not just last week when the water was shut off to 45% of the homes. It started when “It was not bad enough yet.”

So let us examine our lives for the issues that are “not bad enough yet” so we take initiative before it is bad, intolerable, and too late to do something.