Positioned to hear from the Lord

2/14/13: I was reading and listening during a recent encounter with the flu.  Flu is harder on a certain demographic groups and at my age I am in that group.  I also learned that only 17% of elderly have protection from certain flu stains even with a flu shot.  That turned out to be me.

Not to waste the time in bed coughing I finished reading The Terrorist Next Door by Erick Stakelbeck.  This is an enlightening read on how unenlightened Americans are and how naïve our Government has become concerning this real threat.

I then spent hours and I mean hours listening to audio tapes by Randy Caldwell. www.RandyCaldwell.com.  This matched Job 33: 14-19 where there is a series of ways God chooses to get our attention;

14: Indeed, God speaks one, or twice, yet no one notices.  (If you miss it here, go to verse 15.

15: in a dream, a vision of the night (God will reveal Himself to us)  If you miss it here go to verse 19.

19: May even come to “Man is also chastened with pain on his bed.”   We need to make sure we do not miss it at this level of intensity.

I guess I got to verse 19 to finally listen.

The tapes were entitled

I swear I’m going to bless you.

Genesis; in the beginning.

The Kingdom; Volume 1, 2 and 3.

He has a very good message, but frankly his manner is somewhat abrasive.  The tapes are too long to repeat everything, but would recommend the Blessing and Genesis tapes which were single tapes, concise and enlightening.  The Kingdom tapes were repetitious, but had a good message.  In retrospect, I would buy only tape one.  The take home message of the Kingdom tapes was three fold.  As Christians we are sons of God, citizens of the Kingdom of God and Ambassadors to this world from His Kingdom.  These positions give us offspring status with God, rights as citizens of His Kingdom and an assignment as an Ambassador to this World.  We are in this world, but not of it.

He emphasized this position in a funny remark, none the less true.  He heard there was a recession in America, but he said as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, he was not participating.