Q & A Session with God about Unanswered Prayer

10/7/2015: A friend of mine asked me today if I had a Word for him. I was mute in that I did not know to what the Word was to pertain.

He quickly then went on to explain that a good long time Christian friend of his died of cancer this past week. This happened in spite of many Christians praying many faith filled prayers for healing. She died and my friend was perplexed and looking for answers. The presiding pastor’s message at the funeral was helpful. Still the failure to answer the specific prayers was disappointing and challenged the prayer group’s faith.

He said they prayed for healing and did not get the answer they desired. God’s Word for him was that his friend was healed as she moved out of the corruptible vulnerable earth suit into the incorruptible heavenly body. No presence of disease in her heavenly body. The Word is that the prayer was answered.

He said they prayed for the friend’s life, but she died. God’s Word for my friend is that she alive. Her present status is an answer to that prayer.

He said they prayed that she could be with them longer. God’s Word is they can be with her eternally. Eternity qualifies as longer.

The Word is that all the prayers were answered from an eternal perspective which happens to be God’s point of view.