Rainy Day Studies

10/18/12  There have been rainy days on Tour and now back at Crystal Downs home.  So I have read The Real Crash by Peter D. Schiff which gives explanation for America’s economic plight.

I have listened to audio on God’s Power to get Wealth and the accompanying booklet by Craig Hill.  Logical and simple means of budgeting income and how to multiple what you have.

I listened to CD by Plumbline Ministries on the Seven Curses by Arthur Bank.  Took more than one hour each but well worth the content.  I like the idea of his use of “birthright” as synonym for God’s will for your life.  This perspective is related to all the things that might be blocking one’s progress in life.  It was not to be overlooked that the author points out that our own actions and choices are the source of much of our problems.  He does shed light on curses that might be thought of otherwise.  He offers model prayer to stop curses and replace with blessings dating back in our family tree to our present permission of entry.

I recommend these as edifying rainy day learning.