Reflection on the Election

11/6/12: What did Americans do today?  They again voted “something for nothing no matter how much the cost”.  Now a nation gets the type of leadership that matches the majority of them.  This is my take on the coalition the re elected Obama.

I understand Black Americans voting for Obama as a historical racial backlash, rather than expecting a future potential change in their culture.  I probably would do the same thing independent of issues.  The Black Church had to set aside their professed Biblical world view doing the same to deliver almost 19% of the electorate.  Future cries of racism from this culture will fall on deaf ears.

I can understand Hispanics voting primarily for Obama.  Those from Mexico came from a culture of corruption and matters of legality are easily ignored for personal improved life style.  I would probably do the same if I came from there and did not know the benefit of a Constitutional Republic based upon the rule of law.

I understand government workers voting for Obama.  His policies sign their paycheck.  If by any chance or choice I worked in government, I might do the same thing.

I understand university community voting for Obama.  His policies flood their coffers.  If by any chance or choice I worked there, I probably would act likewise in self interest.

I understand the union members voting for Obama.  Money flows two ways in this relationship.  They deliver the votes and he sends the unions money even when against the law as in the case of ignoring the bond holders in the automobile company bankruptcy bail out.  Makes sense financially.  No ethics involved

I understand the unemployed, under employed and those on welfare voting for Obama.  Makes sense as they cannot borrow any more and his policies make access to seemingly unlimited borrowing at not cost to the recipient.

I understand the abortionists backing Obama.  Abortion is a huge money making industry and especially for “Planned Parenthood”.  No morality consideration needed.

I understand the homosexual community voting for Obama, the leader of a sympathizing political party.

I understand Hollywood’s backing of Obama.  They live in a fantasy world where real life issues matter little.   I cannot image, so I do not know what I would do.

The so called Evangelical Christian community has the numbers if they voted in agreement to determine the presidency.  Obviously the did.  Many were not influenced by traditional Judeo-Christian principle issues; abortion, owe no one anything but to love them, if you do not work you do not eat, or looking to government instead of Jehovah Jireh for their supply.

On the Romney side, I understand why they voted for him.   They did not want to fund the above interests of the electorate.

There was one perspective during the election that really caught my attention.  A Christian commentator expressed the view that God’s choice for President was not in the election.  He or she was one of the 30 million children aborted in America.  This might be so.

Another Christian group was not thinking.  The ultra conservative Christian voices that called for writing in the name of Jesus was ridiculous.  This was not an election of a pastor or Church leader, but a secular politician and his vision for America.

My Predictions:  There will be no further uncertainty as follows:


  • Dictatorial rule escalates with more Presidential executive orders.
  • The Senate will still avoid the mandate for a budget.
  • The House will stonewall as much as politically practical.
  • Ginsberg retires so Obama can appoint another liberal.
  • Presidential world view escalates thatAmericano longer a Christian nation.
  • Middle Eastproblems follow Obama foreign policy.
  • Huge cost of living increases.
  • Huge income tax increases for the 47% that pay them.
  • Huge “hidden” taxes and fee collection.
  • Huge disruption in health care; access, availability.
  • Huge increase in health insurance rates.
  • Huge increase in energy rates.   Termination of coal industry.
  • Decrease in medical device invention.
  • More national debt.
  • Eventually death of the US Dollar as global currency.
  • Employment rises only in the public sector.
  • More regulations and enforcement.
  • Fewer non government associated business start ups.
  • Good chance 401 Ks will be confiscated in exchange for Federal government run pension plan.
  • Political deceitfulness on the increase since it has been endorsed at the polls.

However the real concern is the almost equally divided popular vote that may result in “a nation divided against itself that will fall”.

And for me and mine?  Our world view teaches we are not of this world.  We are  ambassadors just passing through trying to make a difference, overcoming evil with good.  We are not to fret, it leads to ungodliness.  We will continue to pray for our leaders as instructed.  We will render unto Caesar (taxes) and unto God (tithes and offerings) as instructed.  We will expect to continue to live in the Kingdom of God with its peace and prosperity as promised.